About Us

Florida Military Family and Community Covenant, Inc. is a Florida Nonprofit Corporation, 501(c) 3 #45-4328629. 


No single agency or organization has the manpower, resources, or intellectual capital to provide a lifetime of care and support to our military family. We, as a community and state, must build key partnerships and link state and local community efforts.

Local, state, and federal governmental agencies, and hundreds of non-governmental organizations, institutions of higher learning, local community-based organizations, and local businesses already provide many veterans and their families the inspiration, resources, and focus to ensure success in post-service life.

Tying together the support offered by these organizations is the key concept of the Florida Military Family and Community Covenant's Help for Vets initiative. 

FMFCC is not another social program. It does not advocate for new programs or negate those that are already ongoing. It works through a network of volunteers known as veteran peer navigators and civilian battle advocacy buddies (CBAB) to harnesses the appropriate government and local community resources. 

FMFCC believes that we must provide the highest level of quality support our veterans, Service members and their families deserve.


To empower servicemembers, veterans and their families in their communities


To implement the most successful, community driven “no wrong door” support network to assist service members veterans and their families at the local level in the Great State of Florida

Core Values

Service - Integrity - Duty - Empathy - Accountability



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